Mystery on Macomber Hill by John F. Balser Jr.

Life on the “Hill” turns exciting when  eleven year old Jake finds an old jar hidden in the cellar of the  farmhouse.  The jar contains a paper that would propel him and his older brother, Billy, into a summer full of fun, frustration, intrigue and discovery.  The unraveling of each clue leads to more mystery and excitement.  With help from their Uncle Dave, they slowly decipher the “Mystery on Macomber Hill”.

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The setting for the story is on a farm on  Macomber Hill , North Jay, Maine and its surrounding areas.    I lived on this farm when I was nine years old.    Although the story is fiction, many of the things that take place in the story actually happened to me or my brothers.

The father of the two boys has a very heavy “downeast” Maine accent which I have used  throughout the book.   The book was written to show what like was like during that era and to also tell an exciting story.   I believe that I have accomplished both.

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About johnbalser

I was born in Farmington, Maine in April of 1948. I lived on several farms in Maine, located in Chesterville, North Jay, and Limerick, until the age of 10. I moved to Durham, New Hampshire when I was in the fifth grade and later relocated to Manchester, New Hampshire where I resided through High School. I enter the Air Force in 1966 (two months after high school) and served one year (1968-1969) in Vietnam. I returned to school in the early 70's and received a BS in Business Management from New Hampshire College while working in the computer industry. I continued my computer career through 1990 at which time I left the computer industry and opened up my own business in the New Hampshire seacoast area. I remained self employed for 17 years. In 2007, I took a position with the Department of State, Passport Services, located in Portsmouth, NH. I continued there until my retirement in April of 2014. I did not finish my first book, Mystery on Macomber Hill (A Baker Boys Adventure), until I retired. I am currently writing a second book titled, ME, MYSELF AND I. It is a story about a boy who was raised in an orphanage, got adopted, and continued on into manhood. But wait, there was one small problem. While at the orphanage he developed a "VOICE" in his head that stayed with him right into manhood. They shared the good and bad times while the VOICE seemed to get him in trouble , more often than not. Hopefully it will be completed by year end. I haves been married for 45 years. My wife, Linda, and I relocated to Milo, Maine in July of 2014 to enjoy our retirement. I am an avid genealogist and have spent over 20 years researching my family history with my sister. I also do genealogy research for other individuals. My wife and I enjoy traveling and site seeing with our new family addition, Sprout, an Australian Cattle Dog that we adopted from a shelter in October of 2014. I hopes to continue writing other books in the Baker Boys Adventure series.
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